Visit our Ecovillage

Please Come Prepared!

We are located at the end of the road at the last place on earth! Our neighbors in to the North, East, and South are jaguars, tapirs, and native indigenous tribes still living under their traditional cultural customs. To the West approximately 33 kilometers we have a river port and the capital city of Puerto Ayacucho.

Bordering the Wilderness

We are geographically located most ideally bordering protected demarcated indigenous territories, an ecological reserve and are within the Catañiapo River watershed that provides drinking water to the capital (under special sustainable use laws). We are also far enough away from town that there are no police or legal jurisdiction of regular state agencies. The indigenous nations that border our property are self-governed, beyond this we have the laws of nature to help govern us most logically.

It is still Venezuela

Now located in the Indigenous State of the Amazon (Estado Indigena Amazonas) as of October 12, 2016 per Liborio Guarulla in a formal ceremony renaming the state. The Indigenous State of the Amazon is an autonomous political and economic territory formerly called Amazonas, Venezuela. In 2020 the Indigenous Piaroa gained their rights to govern themselves, we are still understanding the implications of this.