About Our Ecological Village

About Ekōbius International

Embracing the Heart of Mother Earth

Ekōbius International is an intentional community, ecovillage and sustainable development model project located in the Northernmost region of Amazōnia in the nation-state of Venezuela. The landmark site is within the Piaroa tribal enclave territory. In 2017 the local state was renamed by the state's first indigenous governor Liborio Guarulla from 'Amazonas' to 'Estado Indígena de Amazonas' (Indigenous State of the Amazon). The state is more than 88% indigenous natives of 17 different tribal groups and approximately 8% mestizo hispanic, less than 2% of the population are of international origin.

The project involves a holistic fusion of alternative, appropriate, archaic, indigenous, modern, natural, simple, and traditional manufacturing and production methods and techniques that favor the environment and natural ecologies of the region. We are seeking like-minded eco-conscientious people that would like to live remotely on the unsettled frontier (wilderness) and work in our cooperative development enterprise with local indigenous communities.

History of Ekobius

The project was initially founded by North American conservationist and philosopher Col. David J. Wright and selected friends who together with his wife and children purchased the 40 hectare tract in June of 2013 on a one year land contract from an evangelical pastor who had used the property for revival events. The land contract and all outstanding claims against the foundation estate ($370,000) were settled in November 2016; the current projected value of the buildings, local contracts, land, forest resources, vehicles, installations and office location in the capital are estimated to be worth 4.2 million dollars over the next several years (notwithstanding international nation-state politics).

The property was mostly (60%) deforested by the previous occupants in 2011 and 2012; now since it's purchase in 2013 we have been involved in ecological restoration and soil remediation with very positive results. Despite ambitious planning in 2013 and 2014 the political and economic climate plaguing the state government in Venezuela stymied or thwarted most intents to develop informal tourism accommodations and host international activities. Thanks to the past five years of impeded (limited) human activity on the property nature has done its job leading to nearly complete ecological recovery, and thanks to developing good relationships in the community our program and ideals are back on track.

Cooperative Society

To protect the interests of members and investors Wright formed a cooperative society with Venezuelan members as an independent part of a non-profit organization he founded in 1994 called Ecology Crossroads in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The cooperative society is chartered in Belize to protect its assets, the property is held in an interim trust by Sonia Beatriz Ceballos (Wright's spouse and an equal member) for up to 100 equally invested cooperative members each with an individual suppletory deed and title.


Community lifetime membership is a one-time fee of $3,750 USD per person plus $33 per month in cooperative dues, there are no additional fees or taxes, all legal documents included.

If you are bringing your family or want some privacy members can have their own homesite 1000 m² with a 500 ft² caney with a clay brick foundation, bathroom, plumbing, electric, and a septic tank for $18,750 USD including membership as a life estate holder (caneys can be enclosed with fitted canvas panels for additional privacy).

Incorporating Blockchain

The cooperative is converting to a blockchain registry system that governs property, the organization, its members and its productive income. The new blockchain system will allow for better and more transparent management of personal property, investments, third party contracts, payments, local production, exportation and better interact with the local extended community; it will also allow new members to finance their stakeholdership in the cooperative.

The blockchain development also allows us to extend the cooperative among our neighbors engaging them in smart contracts earning cooperatively produced cryptocurrency creating managed agroforestry concessions, medicinal plant production, permaculture and sustainable reforestation of their family and tribal manioc plots (canucos).

Create, Develop and Implement Your Ideals

As you can imagine Ekōbius International is a place where you can bring your ideals and inspirations for further development. Notwithstanding other (already existing ideals) people are welcome to bring new ideals and come here to live in order to launch their own visionary concepts. Perhaps you are interested in producing a particular plant or using a specific type of wood? Think out of the box and tell us about it.

We are working now towards processing cacao to make chocolate bars and manufacture several medicinal preparations with our neighbors the Piaroa.