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Ekōbius International Legal Section

Ekobius International is an unincorporated non-state international cooperative foundation developed as an ecological demonstration village that was established through the buyout of a territorial land claim of 10.8 hectares adjacent to the demarcated contiguous and autonomous Piaroa tribal territory east of Puerto Ayacucho between the South-Eastern Pike and the Catañiapo River purchased by Col. David J. Wright and his wife Sonia Beatriz Ceballos as the legal trustee in 2015 in Amazonas, Venezuela who named it Fundo Ekobius, in 2020 upon the passing of Sonia her son Arol Joseph Wright became the new executive trustee for the Ekobius Foundation (Fundo Ekobius), the Fundo is within the Consejo Comunal Indígena Barranco Colorado founded in March 2021. The property is legally owned by Ecology Crossroads Cooperative Foundation which guarantees the title to 1% owners.

Between 2020-2021 the Fundo was abandoned by its caretaker and residents because of the pandemic; in August of 2021 the property was recovered, electric service was restored and a new Mayordomo position was created, the Mayordomo is responsible for managing the local business affairs and living at the property. The new trustee also ordered a fence installed, the gates repaired and added the legal requirement that all visitors and residents must sign a release of liability in the United States prior to entering the property. The release must be registered with our office in the United States.

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