Ekobius International

At the ecological crossroads where civilization meets indigenous anarchy and the only laws that apply are made by the Pachamama and indigenous cosmovision which is understood only through the eyes of the shaman.

Pioneering an Ecologically Sustainable Future

Make our home your own at Ecology by Us; It is a great privilege to own a piece of Ekobius simply because of where it is geographically located, to the East there are no more roads or highways for 1,000 kilometers, all of the territory surrounding us is either national forest, forest preserve or protected indigenous lands. By living here residents will inevitably be involved in helping to protect and conserve the surrounding forest biome and interact with indigenous neighbors, perhaps even learn to walk barefoot and learn their language.

Once we have Internet from Telstar in 2023 our ecovillage will become more accommodating.

10 persons standing in native clothing
Piaroa shamans presenting the Warime cultural festival.

Discover Simple Living and a Sustainable Future in the Northern Amazon

Ekōbius (eek-oh bee us) is a sustainable development cooperative, intentional community, ecovillage and natural survival training center promoting simple living, self-sufficiency, permaculture, ecosystem restoration, reforestation, agroforestry, biodiversity and indigenous self-determination. We began a new of community development interest program in September 2021, we offer a campground, kitchen and lodge for visitors and new members.

Our organization is a non-religious, non-governmental, non-state and non-political cooperative foundation of independent stakeholders active in protecting the rights of native indigenous peoples and living in balance with nature while specializing in non-wood forest production of coffee, chocolate, cupuaçu, liquors, medicinal extracts, essential oils and traditional plant medicine.

Our property is ideal for a wide variety of uses especially ecological development projects where all members are potentially collective owners and investors. We began an agroforestry program recently that involves ethnobotanicals and are planning to build aquaculture installations once we can import an electric backhoe for public works department of the greater community.

Located at the End of the Road in Venezuela

We are geographically the last non-indigenous owned property before entering the Amazonian wilderness, East of our property there are no roads, cities or towns that are not indigenous.

We are very easy to get to and located just 500 meters from the end of the most remote paved highway in the country. From our village going north, east or south there are no roads at all for over 500 kilometers. Our property on the map is located near upper western side of the largest natural geographical biodiversity region on the globe, only Russia's Siberia, Northern Alaska, and part of North-central Canada come close to being compared as a similar geographic dominion.

Visitors can plan and coordinate activities as well as use our village for research expeditions. We offer camping, hammocks, or a hostel room for self-guided visitors starting at $10 per day for one month up to $50 per day for a four day planned visit. We have our own unregistered non-state indigenous guides that are willing to provide trail blazing, porter and trekking experience for less than $30 per day for three guides (including food and porters) to nearly any remote natural monument or biosphere area for students and researchers. Trips can be organized that take 10 to 30 days to complete, it takes about 100 days to transverse Venezuela going East from Ekobius.

Through WorkAway, HelpX, Patreon, GivingWay and several others we offer special complete programs involving work exchange (4 hours daily) for volunteers and offer low-priced researcher visits including food and amenities. All volunteers and program participants must register as global non-state citizens online or sign a hold-harmless waiver upon arrival. We have two members living nearby that are medical professionals (one doctor and a paramedic) in the event of emergency. There is treatment for malaria in both Venezuela and Colombia.

Ekōbius is 'Ecology-By-Us'

Near the End of the Road driving the Southernmost road into the Venezuela jungle you will find one of two Ekōbius camp/ecovillage projects on the Guiana Shield. It is our intention to implement an independently funded ecological restoration and enhancement program where internationals (global citizens) live under the principles of an open cooperative society and business enterprise. Legally we are best viewed as a cooperative and intentional community.

We consider our location as the safest and best located destination in South America for nature lovers, scientists, and explorers coming to the Amazon for the first time ever. At Ekobius short term visitors can adjust to the climate, detox from civilization and open new doors of perception with ayahuasca and yopo therapy. We can offer many custom tailored experiences and visits with different shamans in the region as well.

Amazon, Orinoco, Essequibo Rivers

Good news! The greatest fresh water reserve on the entire planet is still over 90% pure and still thriving because of the power and life cycles of these living rivers. Also if you live here you will benefit from the free and unbridled use of these living waters. We are close to where two of the greatest of all rivers in the world that connect once a year via Rio Negro at the edge of the Guiana Shield. These South American rivers combined account for over 50% of the entire planet's fresh water. They are also among the least contaminated rivers in the world.

Cooperative Intentional Community

Unlike other communities we are developed as a unanimous cooperative of up to 100 equal owners that collectively own the Ekōbius International project, also unlike many we have no dietary restrictions, we are self-governed and use the the ideal of Pachamama instead of a particular religious faith to unite the society and interact with nearby indigenous communities who are our own cooperative beneficiaries.

Our program development area is an intensive conservation management project involving 20,000 hectares (nearly 60,000 acres) of agroforestry, permaculture, non-wood forest production and integrated indigenous farming with native inhabitants.

Our campground and ecological village development site is approximately 10 hectares (26-28 acres) and has approximately one kilometer of river frontage on the Catañiapo river and approximately a 200 meters of paved municipal pike frontage between Gavilan and Puerto Ayacucho. The campground is the furthest point you can drive to and stage an expedition. Our property was formerly a Christian revival center used during Easter and Christmas, it was known to accommodate as many as 200-500 people for events.

A Working Cooperative

Ekōbius is a working cooperative and functions as an active community partner with local indigenous villages where community members participate in coordinated harvest standardization and centralized processing of particular superfoods, cacao, coffee, medicinal plants and non-wood forest products. Indigenous cooperators are fully compensated and sustained for their peerage and production under free and fair-trade standards.